I waited until the 11th hour to decide how to wrap my gifts this year. 

I just couldn't decide what I wanted to do but the good news is I really wasn't stressed about it.

[translation: very very very low stress level about it]

The upside of going to Michael's Arts and Crafts at the 11th hour? Scoring these reindeer for 59 cents. I was STOKED. Merry Christmas to ME. 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone! 2016 is really going to be a good one!


I actually drink black coffee or straight up tequila but I do appreciate the fun fall festive beverage that is the pumpkin spiced latte.

It's no secret I love snail mail and really enjoyed sending my Thankful For You cards a few years ago. 

This year I hopped on the trendy train and made them pumpkin spiced. 

I know. I can't even. 

Teensy bit of glue. Trim

 Write a loving message, pick a pretty envelope, and send those suckers out.

Cuz it is the season to be thankful for more than just Starbucks and in light of everything going on... there is a LOT to be thankful for!

I made you a template here

I printed my template on a pretty ivory card stock and then cut them out. 

I then printed my saying on kraft paper for the sleeve.  Or Coffee Collar for all you Patrick Dempsey devotees.

Here is that template for you!


I love being prepared. LOVE IT. Please don't ever surprise me because my heart can't handle it.

And I like to help my friends who are taking the plunge be prepared for the big day.

I also like to craft with a big ol' glass of wine. Or Whiskey. Who doesn't?

I was prettttttyy bummed about not being able to attend Jules' Laurel Canyon bridal shower. Living on the opposite coast of can pose some problems at times. I wrapped up and sent her shower gift off to Annie's.
And waited for them to FaceTime me from the festivities.

Jules is not only a talented actress but the girl can cross stitch so fiercely that she can do portraits with strong resemblances and mermaids and microphones!

I am not that solid of a cross-stitcher so I kept it simple for her Oh Shit Kit.

I also mentioned that I was going to make a garter just in case I committed to doing so.

[I did. ]

It was Jules' own idea to use the navy velvet ribbon from her bachelorette and shower gift wrap. I told you she was crafty and creative.

I kept it simple using this tutorial I found on Pinterest.

I can't wait to see who catches that garter because they will be getting married next! Because that is not only logical but realistic. 

I cannot even sit still in excitement for Jules and Ben's wedding. I am so excited to celebrate them and also be prepared with the black socks that I always bring for the boys. 


We made a tote for Teds! Annie has WAY too many tote bags but I decided that her son Teddy needed one.
To take his snacks to the park in. 

I bought the letterman "T" at M & J Trimming and bought the same tote from American Apparel that I used for my bunny bag

I intended to sew it on the flight. That didn't happen and when I landed - my amazing Aunt Wanee had a closet full of crafting supplies including fabric glue. 

It didn't stay so don't use Aleene's Original on canvas/waxy plasticy backing. 
[Which I found out later is heat-sealer adhesive -smart, real smart] 

Sunday morning I handed it to Jules with a helpless "Can you help me sew this?" 

I totally could have done it but she did it SEW much better than I would have plus I love a collaborative effort. Wink. 

Enjoy your tote to hold your toys and your snacks, Teds! 


I REALLY tried to make this craft happen for Jules. And because I can't let anything go I'm going to blog about it. The beautiful Jules is so creative and crafty she would want me to share it with you.

I schlepped the stuff for this to the Bachelorette and went back and forth on sending it to each Bridal Shower attendee. But let's be honest Arts and Crafts is not everyone's MO. Especially at a Bachelorette. Annnd my behavior was not conducive to doing... anything. DON'T ASK QUESTIONS.

Purchase plain wooden spoons
via amazon

Purchase Non Toxic Acrylic Paint in color palette your bride will enjoy. 
via plaidonline.com 

Have everyone paint their spoon to reflect their personality, something fun or match the Bride's kitchen! 

If you really want to get in to it- have the Bride guess who painted which spoon. 

I decorated my own spoon for this for this post. [Commitment].

I used a paint pen and kept it simple because of my unsteady hand. 

Then I really got going and made one look like lace...

Because I may or may not be responsible for making her garter. That bachelorette behavior would be the reason that I have no clue what I committed to. I'm going to make one... Just. In. Case. 

I love this idea for the right bride. Jules is the perfect bride for this and I blew it.  Jules is not only talented on screen but she's incredible in the kitchen. Going to dinner at her house is such a treat. She effortlessly makes a meal that is so good you don't ever want to stop eating and an atmosphere that's so warm and loving you never want to leave.

Can't wait to celebrate Jules and Ben in Martha's Vineyard in a few weeks! XO 

Incase you were wondering:

Acrylic paints are considered non-toxic. And since only the handles are painted, there is a added level of safety. If you have concerns about toxicity- apply a coat of shellac - a natural sealer. Dried shellac is extremely food safe. The internet told me that shellac is used in coating on pills and candy -WHAT!


There are really endless opportunities with Bride Corie's [soon to be maiden] last name. And her Miami Bachelorette was one of the BEST.

I cannot take credit for this execution or even half of the ideas. Meg and I tackled this together and we outsourced it all to her amazing mom Darla.

We went down to Miami for some sun, some tropical storms and some hot wings in a hot tub [don't ask].

Do you see the trusty old headband? I definitely didn't hot glue it in the airport. 
Inside everyone's "pool bag" [made of striped swimsuit material] was...

A Personal Hand Fan. A Croakie. The Itinerary. Custom Chapstick. 
 What else does anyone need? 


I did some games but not EVERYTHING is disclosed on this blog, ok?
 [I mean, most everything is but Miami is crazy, y'all]. 

Congrats Corie! Love you and Alan and this Bestlorette went down in the books. 


These are going to show back up again with the rest of Miss Best's Bachelorette post but I was too impatient excited to share to wait. Oh what gets me going is so nerdy.

Plus it's now Summer time so who ISN'T thinking about lip balm?!


I bought chapsticks for everyone Miami bound for the Bachelorette.

Peeled off of the label.

Pulled Microsoft WORD [fancy] on my mac and printed everyone's names on a clear mailing label. I actually printed at the place formerly known as Kinkos because my apartment is too tiny for extravagances like printers.

Slapped those stickers on the chapsticks! 
[Trim the edges to fit]
P.S. The "Broadway" is a super close [free font] to the MIAMI VICE font. 

Hey guys... 

Do I need a manicure? 

And Miami VICE viola! Custom Chapsticks for the Best Bachelorette! 

Now I have go finish off the rest of the crew's! 

Hope everyone is kickin' off Summer by soaking up lots of sunshine and keeping those kissers moisturized.

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