BASEBALL! Home Run Gift Wrap

I LOVE SPORTS. Actually, I like attending all sporting events that include snacks and a costume jersey.

I also like keeping up with current events. Like Boston Red Sox and those beards. 

My Cardinal fan friend Graham had a beard when I met him 13 years ago when we were babies studying abroad. I told him then that he should never grow a beard again. 

Do you know what he just did? 

Yup. He DID. 

It doesn't look that bad so I might have overreacted.  

For his birthday I decided wrap his present up in a baseball theme.

I did a crazy easy cute version and a more intense advanced version.

little white gift bag
Use anything circular to draw your baseball stitch lines

For the easy version - draw your "stitches" on with your sharpee. 

Ta- Da! So easy! 

WARNING. Advanced -ish version:
 Draw your circles onto embroidery cloth. 

 Use red embroidery thread to stitch a trail of little "v"s! 

Wrap it up using a perfectly square box so it all aligns appropriately. 

Looking forward to Sports Season! 

This post makes me happy because it's not wedding related. Because this blog is about to get real bridal up in here. 

Stay tuned for an engagement party post that involves crafting with my father. Good lord, wish me luck. 


Baby Sis is getting married!

I made her a kit to prepare her for wedding dress shopping success.

Wrapped in blush and teeny tiny gold paper clips hangers that I made [on a plane].

Tutorial for those little babies here

 Inside was the ever so important:

Sticky Boobs, Tan Towels, Champagne, mints, Essie's "She said Yes", Hair Ties [to show hair up or down], tissues [in case someone cries] and her favorite snack goldfish crackers incase I she gets hungry.

She looked gorgeous in every dress and the gold fish were most definitely needed.
Cannot wait to see what she ends up walking down the aisle in!

She turned the crafting around and made these amazing 6 packs of champagne balloon celebrations to ask us to be Maid and MATRON [Big Sis] of Honor. She also said she was never crafting again.

My task list just got longer. Here we gooooo!



I mention it every year and I'm bragging but we still get Easter Baskets.  And they're fabulous because the Easter Bunny shops at Barney's.

This year I wanted to make a little treats for the Easter Bunny Jed and Deb.

I found these adorable mini white pots and filled it with Deb's favorite Easter candy. Selecting only the green to look like grass. Then I rolled up lotto tickets to look like carrots.

Wahh Waaa.

They really don't look like carrots at all. It was kinda a bust of a craft.

Even all the lotto tickets were losers so this really just went south.

Sometimes the idea just doesn't pan out the way you want it to/some crafts are not conducive to air travel. But you know what? Crafting and life go hand in hand in that way. 

The great thing about parents is that they have to love ALL your crafts. Even the duds.

Happy Easter everyone! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

When a slew of my LA nearest and dearest decided to come to town to see Ahna's play me, I decided it was time to throw a little party in my pint sized apartment. For 3 people.

I mailed out little leprechaun sized invites.
And let me tell you. I had grandiose plans to serve mini Heineken's, green ombre crudites, the works. 

Then I got super busy and ended up showing up to my own party with a bag of gold fish crackers and texting Tim to pick up some nuts.

So for now I'm going to stick to doing what I do best... being a party guest

Hope you had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day!

This year my valentine was inspired by the love of my life. And he is hot. And saucy.

Literally it's Hot Sauce. 

I amazon prime'd this tiny little tabascos and made my valentines this spicy this year. 

Do you like my intentional* raw edge? 

*LAS confiscated my scissors and the bartender at Chili's To-Go would have is badge taken away if he handed some over. 

So I ripped every. single. edge. 

[you can tell] 

Made at McCarren Intern'l and sent them out from Hobby. If you think an airport or a public place can stop me from crafting you are incorrect. I do not embarrass easily. 

Happy Valentine's Day, Hotties! Have a great one! 


I waited until the 11th hour to decide how to wrap my gifts this year. 

I just couldn't decide what I wanted to do but the good news is I really wasn't stressed about it.

[translation: very very very low stress level about it]

The upside of going to Michael's Arts and Crafts at the 11th hour? Scoring these reindeer for 59 cents. I was STOKED. Merry Christmas to ME. 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone! 2016 is really going to be a good one!


I actually drink black coffee or straight up tequila but I do appreciate the fun fall festive beverage that is the pumpkin spiced latte.

It's no secret I love snail mail and really enjoyed sending my Thankful For You cards a few years ago. 

This year I hopped on the trendy train and made them pumpkin spiced. 

I know. I can't even. 

Teensy bit of glue. Trim

 Write a loving message, pick a pretty envelope, and send those suckers out.

Cuz it is the season to be thankful for more than just Starbucks and in light of everything going on... there is a LOT to be thankful for!

I made you a template here

I printed my template on a pretty ivory card stock and then cut them out. 

I then printed my saying on kraft paper for the sleeve.  Or Coffee Collar for all you Patrick Dempsey devotees.

Here is that template for you!

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