Happy Easter Everyone! I hope everyone's Easters are full of bunnies and brunch and family and fun! 

Inspired by the fact that I would CRUSH all competition in our family easter egg hunts as a kid... I made a special little nugget a special little basket.

Because this kid can't collect Easter Eggs in just any old ratty basket! 

This craft is crazy easy. 

Step one. 

Buy this adorable mini canvas tote from any American Apparel. 

Step two: 

Attach a bunny tail to the back! 
[I stitched...but we all know I am not above hot glue.] 

Alternate options to the faux fur ball...
yarn pom pom or big ass cotton ball.

Step three: 

Tie Bow.


Have a wonderful Easter everyone! 


Not too much crafting going on currently due to the fact I am living in NYC and my craft supplies are residing in Los Angeles.

Luckily I travel with my shamrock craft punch.

You are my lucky penny. 

My mom will NOT pass a fountain without stopping to toss in a penny and make a wish. Regardless of whether or not it's appropriate to do so. 

Well I wish you happy St. Patty's Day!  

I feel that over the years my Valentines have slightly decreased in sarcasm.

Don't you worry. 
I'm not turning into a full blown bonafide romantic. 

This year I embraced heart balloons and blush.

You blow my mind... will you be my Valentine?


My Singer was set on teaching me a lesson. Sewing on paper with gold thread isn't sew easy!
[version two]

Sealed with a smooch! 

Happy Valentine's Day, Lovahs! Have a wonderfully romantical non nonsensical night!

Last year's hot tamale valentine and my fav tequila valentine! 


I have a best friend and her name is Bed. She is actually my bed but I love her like a best friend. She is so good to me. 

So I made her a skirt.

I bought 12 Birch 1 x 4's at the 'Po. They even cut them to my dimensions. Eight boards cut @ 85" and 4 boards cut @ 73".

[Bed is a Cali King]  
[Bed should really be a boy]
[I'm aware this is getting ridiculous]

Next step! 

Bare feet and you bet I had a beer next to me!

I call this "rail roadin"!
I do believe the technical term is rail roading.

I stained the 3 pieces using left over stain I had and once they dried brought them into my bedroom for assembly. 

I used metal straps to re-enforce my "rail-roading" and 
L straps to join side pieces to the front piece. 
I only did three sides so that I can still pull the "skirt" out from the wall and stuff store things underneath Bed.

Just her size! 

Now what I really need is a rug. 

And one of those Moroccan pom pom blankets.

Easy no sew bed skirt!

 Now for Christ's sake take a photography class, Courtney. 

Annie and Greg are having a baby! 

I made super easy paper pinwheels to decorate her Baby Shower gift! 

Then made a few more for my wall for the 
"grown up girls dinner" decor... 

A little Bundle of Joy for invitations!   

Dinner time! 

King Cake! Si delicieux! 

We played the game that you list all the songs you can think of  with "baby" in the title.
The #1 answer across the board was no surprise.
 Britney Spears.

Congratulations Annie and Greg! Can't wait to meet the little guy!

CHEERS TO 2014! 

Happy New Year! 
 [Nevermind that it's the ninth] 

I hope the last nine days have been full of celebrating, goal setting and closet clean-outing. 

Mine have been! 

I found a bunch of old cheap yarn that I would never knit with and thought... let's get crazy and ring in the new year with yarn pom pom balls! 
I've always wanted to make them. 
Made a bunch, then made 'em into a crown. 
Totally like Kate Middleton. 

Nope. Not even close.

Happy New Years. Good things are ALREADY shakin' down over here and I feel that great things are about to happen for everyone in 'Fourteen.  

Wishing you the best year yet! 

Happy Holidays to you, beloved blog readers and internet!
I decorated the back of my door.

I hope your day is merry and bright! And my all your Christmases be...

NOT 80 degrees with Santa Ana Winds
[Thanks LA]

Merry Merry!