Remember my last post? Well the wine labels are flying [shipping] off  the Etsy shelves so I stole a few [from myself] to give as gifts.

Treat PMS with vino and avoid communication... with anyone. 

I brought this to Vonia. Who handles that time of the month by drinking heavily.


Whether we are creating theater for kids or scheming birthday party blow ups, Mary is one of my most favorite people to collaborate with. 

We worked together to create wine labels to sell in her Etsy shop because... teamwork makes the dream work you guys. 

It started because I sent a her a text that said "A tall pour is what I Pilates for" from a bar. In my workout clothes. 
Head over there and shop for the perfect personalized label to up your gift giving game. Best part? Just put it in your cart and pay. We did all the leg [lifting] work. 

They come in a collection of our summer palette colors and peel and stick 'em right over the existing label.

A 30th BIRTHDAY for Brittany

One of my ultimates turned 30 with a party and even though her man is an excellent host... I emailed him a bunch of stuff I wanted to do. And because he is the best he let me.

A while back Brittany helped me out with some crafts and I scarred her for life by drilling into a disco ball.

So I brought that back out and made flower arrangements and little Brittany sized ones too.

I used a penny to stabilize the little ones - an old cd for the big ones.


Mary Kenny and I blew up pics of her at Staples - if you do b/w drafting prints it's less than 2.00 to get them this big! Mary made them them big and beautiful and as hi-res as possible. 

Me: Ohhh. You are sooooo good at black and white! 
Mary: Stop. It's the b/w tool.
Me: But you use it so well.
PLEASE. Can you handle that face! 

And one more in the bathroom. 

Brittany is not afraid of a bow so I made bow party headbands and hats with blush French grosgrain ribbon I got for a bargain.

For REAL! So Fancy for 30.

Her gift was a coffee table book about Hollywood in the 30's that served as a guest book and YES I marched around the party and made everyone take a polaroid, paste it and write her a birthday note. 

B ROSS. You are truly an exceptional human. You bring a friendship to my life that is supportive and bursting with love and laughter. I always say... just looking at your face makes me feel better. Which is why we posted it all over your party. I hope all of your birthday wishes come true! Happy 3-0! 


Baby Sis is tying the knot and kicked off the festivities with an engagement party at my folk's.

Because Deb is a party planner extraordinaire I didn't have to do much except DJ, Photograph, Stuff Favor Bags, Ribbon Tie, Part - Time Bartend, Make- Up and Speech Write.

DJing to the 60-65 year old engagement party crowd. It's called Temptation's Pandora Station.

I'm currently looking into the legislation of bridesmaid labor laws.

My parent's house has a pretty solid long driveway. So I decided to do up the hashtag huge down it.
Dad [cardboard biz] offered to laser cut the letters for me. He even asked for an Ai file. WHAT. 
New ingenious idea - noise canceling headphones at drown out the family... 
of the tree...
This should have gone smoothly except Dad shorted me an"E" and an "R" so 2 hours before the party I was free handing an E and R with a box cutter and spraying painting them white.
No one [Dad]  told me that the soil in my hometown is essentially concrete and nicknamed "Camarillo Clay". So driving those garden stakes was a labor of L-O-V-E. 
And my arm workout for the week.
I couldn't get it all in one photo so here is a video!
Enjoy my shaky ass shot. I wish I would have jumped in the car to fake a dolly. Oh Wait. I don't have a car. Dad made me sell. it.

It's ok. It was a clunker that I kept in their garage. 

Back to the Bride! This bad boy rolled right down the drive. 
Oh I love you two so mucho! #Engaged #Explainingwhythepoundsign

BASEBALL! Home Run Gift Wrap

I LOVE SPORTS. Actually, I like attending all sporting events that include snacks and a costume jersey.

I also like keeping up with current events. Like Boston Red Sox and those beards. 

My Cardinal fan friend Graham had a beard when I met him 13 years ago when we were babies studying abroad. I told him then that he should never grow a beard again. 

Do you know what he just did? 

Yup. He DID. 

It doesn't look that bad so I might have overreacted.  

For his birthday I decided wrap his present up in a baseball theme.

I did a crazy easy cute version and a more intense advanced version.

little white gift bag
Use anything circular to draw your baseball stitch guidelines.
For the easy version - draw your "stitches" on with your sharpee. 
Ta- Da! So easy! 
WARNING. Advanced -ish version:
 Draw your circles onto embroidery cloth. 
 Use red embroidery thread to stitch a trail of little "v"s! 
Wrap it up using a perfectly square box so it all aligns appropriately. 

Looking forward to Sports Season! 

This post makes me happy because it's not wedding related. Because this blog is about to get real bridal up in here. 

Stay tuned for an engagement party post that involves crafting with my father. Good lord, wish me luck. 


Baby Sis is getting married!

I made her a kit to prepare her for wedding dress shopping success.

Wrapped in blush and teeny tiny gold paper clips hangers that I made [on a plane].

Tutorial for those little babies here

 Inside was the ever so important:

Sticky Boobs, Tan Towels, Champagne, mints, Essie's "She said Yes", Hair Ties [to show hair up or down], tissues [in case someone cries] and her favorite snack goldfish crackers incase I she gets hungry.

She looked gorgeous in every dress and the gold fish were most definitely needed.
Cannot wait to see what she ends up walking down the aisle in!

She turned the crafting around and made these amazing 6 packs of champagne balloon celebrations to ask us to be Maid and MATRON [Big Sis] of Honor. She also said she was never crafting again.

My task list just got longer. Here we gooooo!



I mention it every year and I'm bragging but we still get Easter Baskets.  And they're fabulous because the Easter Bunny shops at Barney's.

This year I wanted to make a little treats for the Easter Bunny Jed and Deb.

I found these adorable mini white pots and filled it with Deb's favorite Easter candy. Selecting only the green to look like grass. Then I rolled up lotto tickets to look like carrots.

Wahh Waaa.

They really don't look like carrots at all. It was kinda a bust of a craft.

Even all the lotto tickets were losers so this really just went south.

Sometimes the idea just doesn't pan out the way you want it to/some crafts are not conducive to air travel. But you know what? Crafting and life go hand in hand in that way. 

The great thing about parents is that they have to love ALL your crafts. Even the duds.

Happy Easter everyone! 

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